Anti-Trust Charter

Aspire Mobility Group A/S is re-affirming our commitment to the FIDI Anti-Trust Charter.  

The FIDI Anti-Trust Charter is a declaration of commitment to support the fight against cartels, which restrict competition among suppliers to the detriment of our customers. 

What is a cartel

A cartel is an agreement, concerted practice or conspiracy among competitors to fix prices, submit collusive tenders, divide or share markets and, more generally, restrict competition.

A cartel is regarded as the most egregious violation of Anti-Trust laws in most jurisdictions, which may lead to the imposition of significant fines as well as, in certain jurisdictions, criminal penalties.

We will not tolerate cartel conduct

Involvement in a cartel is unacceptable. It is against our core values of competing freely and fairly, based on the added value of its products and services.

The laws and regulations that sanction cartel conduct are in place in most jurisdictions. These laws and regulations are designed to promote free and fair competition and to protect consumers. Anti-Trust compliance programs are to detect and prevent cartels.

As a proud FIDI member as well as adhering to our own core values we commit to legal and ethical behavior, and to refrain from engaging in any business that will harm the interests of FIDI, other affiliates, our clients, or the industry.

Through our strict vetting process of our vendors, partners, and general supply chain we are able to monitor for any cartel activities. We commit to training and supporting our employees to add additional support to this process and procedure against cartels. 

This link will direct you to find our official commitment.

If you have any questions regarding this commitment feel free to contact Sara Lyrum Kronkjær.

Sara Lyrum Kronkjær
Group Director

Direct: (+45) 3925 4409