Code of Conduct

Aspire Mobility Group A/S is committed to operating ethically and legally and preserving integrity in all our business relations with customers, employees, suppliers, and subcontractors. Aspire Mobility cooperates with a wide range of partners and agents. It is, therefore, a natural consequence that we demand the same of our partners and agents as we do of ourselves. This code of conduct represents the ethical, social, and environmental behavior we commit to and wish to promote throughout our supply chain. 

Our code of conduct is based on and supports internationally recognized ethical guidelines and conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, FN Global Compacts' ten principles, and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions. As a member of FIDI, this code of conduct also supports the FIDI anti-bribery and anti-corruption charter; we further support FIDI's stand against bribery and corruption in the relocation industry. 

Legal Compliance

Aspire Mobility Group A/S is aware of and committed to fully complying with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the countries in which we operate and to uphold norms of international codes of business ethics and morals concerning services provided. 

Labor standards

It is deemed unacceptable by Aspire Mobility Group A/S to use illegal workers, participate in or benefit from any form of forced labor, or withhold any part of any personnel's salary or benefits. All workers must be paid at least the minimum wage required by applicable laws and regulations and provide all legally mandated benefits. Overtime must be voluntary, and a signed working contract must be available for all employees. 

Aspire Mobility Group will not engage in or benefit from child labor. The minimum age for employment shall not be less than 15 years. If the law states a higher age, the law must be followed. 

Aspire Mobility Group is committed to a workplace free of harassment. Employees shall not be subjected to discrimination regarding employment and occupation regarding race, color, nationality, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. 

Aspire Mobility Group recognize International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on freedom of association and freedom of opinion and expression and will not interfere with the worker's rights to join unions or other associations of their choosing and to bargain collectively. 

Workplace Health and Safety

Aspire Mobility Group ensures that our workplace complies with applicable laws and standards for health, safety, and the environment.
Aspire Mobility Group ensures that our workers are offered a safe and healthy working environment. This includes but is not limited to protection from fire, accidents, and health risks. Adequate health and safety policies and procedures are established and followed.
Aspire Mobility Group registers and investigates the cause of all incidents and accidents which cause sick leave. 

Aspire Mobility Group follows all national and regional environmental laws.
Aspire Mobility Group is ISO 14001 certified. We encourage partners and agents to implement an environmental management system, ensuring continuous improvement through objectives, determination of resource consumption, and follow-up actions.
Aspire Mobility Group continuously works towards reducing our environmental impact by actively preventing pollution and reducing emissions to the surrounding environment.
Aspire Mobility Group takes responsibility for managing our waste and the waste we handle for our customers and ensures that it is sorted responsibly and disposed of properly.

Aspire Mobility Group does not accept any involvement in corruption, extortion, bribery, attempted bribery, or fraud. This applies whether offering a bribe, accepting a bribe, or engaging in bribery directly or through any third party. Aspire Mobility Group, therefore, undertakes to:

Never permit any form of anti-trust or anti-competitive activities, cartelization, or abuse of market dominance. We support a fair and balanced market competition in terms of supply, tendering, and procurement in all stages of our work.
Never offer or make an improper payment or authorize an improper payment (cash or otherwise) to any individual, including any local or foreign official anywhere in the world.
Never attempt to induce an individual or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly.
Never offer or accept money or anything of value, such as gifts, kickbacks, or commissions, in connection with the procurement of business or the award of a contract.
Never offer or give any gift or token of hospitality to any public employee, government official, or representative if there is any expectation or implication for a return favor.
Never accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favor will be expected or implied.
Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service to which one would not normally be entitled.
Never disregard or fail to report any indication of improper payments to the appropriate authorities.
Never induce or assist another individual in breaking any applicable law or regulation.
Partners and suppliers

Aspire Mobility Group expects partners and suppliers to commit to the same ethical standard and comply with all the above minimum requirements outlined in this code of conduct. Partners and agents must notify Aspire Mobility Group if any unethical practice is witnessed.

It acknowledges that compliance is best achieved through continuous improvement.