Employee Relations

Aspire Mobility Group seeks to provide our employees with attractive benefits and create commitment and motivation through a balanced focus between performance and well-being.

Motivated, goal-oriented employees are essential in helping us achieve our business goals. Our employment retention level and experience are over 16 years.

Employee health and safety are highly prioritized, and dedication and commitment are highly valued. To help achieve this, we:

  • Offer all employees health insurance so they can obtain the best and fastest treatment.
  • Maintain high standards of employee safety through the continuous improvement of safety measures and training provided by our safety committee and working environment courses.
  • Ensure that employees influence their daily work environment by having their interests represented at the board level.
  • Maintain an inclusive and diverse workplace environment concerning age, sex, and religion, and uphold a work environment with equal opportunities.
  • Well-trained in GDPR and Cyber Security with quarterly updates and continued training from our dedicated Committee for Cyber Security and GDPR Workforce.

  • ESG Committee focused on Aspire Mobility’s initiatives as well as factor in our Customer’s focus areas, so we are aligned.
    They are trained to focus on different cultures and be polite, professional, committed, business-minded, honest, hard-working, and responsible.

  • They are trained in first aid as well as driving in hazardous conditions.

  • Accredited industry training annually, such as FIDI/FAIM Academy.

Security and health are essential subjects for our office-based employees and those working off-site. Therefore, we take our responsibilities very seriously and have implemented an HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) policy to protect all our employees’ safety and well-being.

Aspire Mobility Group has a long tradition of creating an inclusive working environment for our staff, including job retraining and continued employment opportunities for retired employees.

Our approach is to provide the highest quality of service with simple solutions that produce outstanding results and exceptional experience for all parties involved. 

Our employees take tremendous pride in their work, and it shows in the pleased assignees in the quality feedback we receive.