Aspire Mobility Group has for the past two years been studying and preparing for the GDPR law. We took this project on with great enthusiasm as a chance to review all of our internal processes and procedures, systems and security.  

Aspire Mobility has always been committed to safe and secure ways of carrying out services for our clients and partners and our commitment will always be for our clients. We show this in our quality services we offer and our dedicated partner networks, and certifications. 

Our vendor management policies and procedures are strict and thorough. We have a regular screening process of all of our vendors including monitoring via Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Screening Database and we only work with those that pass our rigorous screening processes, as well as utilize our vast certified partners all over the world.

Partners in our certified networks are also committed to upholding the regulations of the GDPR even if they are not in the EU. 

Our tracking system for assignments has also been further updated to implement procedures for the purging of old data as well as the marking of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and the anonymization of all the PII data if the client wishes to invoke their right to be forgotten. 

Our consent form not only allows our clients to read what information we need to perform the services they requested from us, it also notifies them of their full rights as the data subject and how to invoke their rights further if they require that. All Aspire Mobility Clients have access to their personal data at all times and can make corrections or revoke consent if they choose. 

GDPR Committee - We have a team of employees that make up a special committee for the sole purpose of the GDPR. All information is distributed by the committee to their colleagues to keep everyone informed of updates to policies, procedures or new information regarding the GDPR.  We also have an internal information site for employees to engage in a forum. 

Our Corporate Accounts have access to book directly online with our secure system.  This is the preferred method of booking in order for all parties involved to be compliant. 

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