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We offer several ways for you to get a removal quote from us. Please see your options below and choose the best one for you. We look forward to help you.

Do your own pre-move survey (Self Survey)

You can calculate the volume of your household goods when it is convenient for you. The webapp is easy to use and allows you to list your inventory and automatically calculate the volume for your move.

We can do your pre-move for you (Basic Form)

Provide your basic information, such as origin and destination. A consultant will contact you to schedule a pre-move survey. A Move Consultant will come to your home and survey the amount of volume for your move. Then you will be sent a quotation based on the surveyed volume and information.

Just want to talk relocation?

Provide your basic contact information and a Move Consultant will call you to discuss your request.

Call us

Our contact information, including our office hours and locations. 

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Copenhagen - Head Office
Tel: +45 70 221 226
Email: rates.dk@aspiremobility.com

Tel: +45 70 221 226

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