European moving service

Having travelled the roads of the continent for over a century, we know the urban areas of Europe intimately. We have invested in modern and specially-designed air-ride moving trucks that are manned by experienced people. We ensure that your belongings are moved efficiently and carefully, wherever you are moving to in Europe.


From our home countries of Denmark and Sweden, our high-frequency service links the Nordic countries with Europe. North-Atlantic locations in Greenland, Iceland and The Faroe Islands are serviced by air and sea transport via Danish ports.

Western and Central Europe, UK and Ireland

We service moves through Western Europe and the UK using a fleet of specialized moving trucks owned and operated by affiliated and associated companies. Our services include the supply of environmentally friendly blanket wrapping and full export packing.

Eastern Europe and the Balkans

We manage the entire process to and from Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans with the assistance of our trusted partners in the respective countries who have local knowledge and facilities.

Southern France, Spain and Portugal

We offer a high-quality service linking Scandinavia and Northern Europe with Southern France, Spain and Portugal through our sister-company, Scan Transport, in Mijas, located just south of Malaga.

Helpful move coordinators

An experienced move coordinator will work closely with you and your family to manage your move from the start to finish and make sure your belongings are safely delivered to your new home.

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