Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy/Statement updated November 9, 2023

Our policy and statement apply to the processing of personal data carried out in the process of removal and relocation services. At no time is the data received by Aspire Mobility Group A/S or any of our worldwide partners distributed or sold to any third parties outside of the scope of carrying out the removal and relocation services. 

GDPR Manager:
Michelle Gannon
+45 39 25 4472

General questions:

Consent: When visiting our website forms, consent is requested to provide basic data such as a name. In the case of contacting us via telephone or email directly in order to give you a quotation for services requested, consent (limited data types) is implied. Upon acceptance of our services and entering into a mutual agreement, a formal consent form will be requested in order to obtain and process more sensitive data types, as listed below.

With the consent of our clients (Data Subjects) upon request for services, we may request the following information: 

The purpose of the processing is to relocate the persons who hired us to carry out the removal and relocation from one location to another. Your decision to provide us with your personal information is voluntary.

Due to the nature of this removal and relocation, the controller could potentially (not all data types below apply to all removals/relocation) ask for the following confidential data and store it for use to carry out the services on behalf of the Data Subject. We will only ask for data that is needed to carry out the service and nothing more. Even after your consent is given, you will still have the opportunity at any time to revoke your consent. 

  • Personal data, such as name, birth date, sex, and marital status.
  • Passport information 
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Work permits
  • Residence permits
  • Employment contracts
  • Employer declarations
  • Payroll/salary information
  • Bank information
  • Tax information
  • Receipts
  • Proof of residence
  • Customs forms
  • Lease contracts
  • Original documents (and translations of original documents)
  • Diplomas/education documents
  • Insurance documents/declaration of values
  • Power of attorney
  • Diplomatic status forms
  • All immigration forms, applications, processing documents

Recipients (Data Processors) of the data will include the following certified *agents in order to provide the Data Subject to the services booked.

  • Employees with security clearance for this level of data privacy.
  • Removal/relocation agents and partners at the origin or destination for your relocation in order to provide you with the services booked by you.
  • Shipping agents
  • Customs clearance agents
  • Immigration agents
  • Housing agents
  • Auditing firms that perform financial and personal data audits for legal and certification purposes
  • *Partners/Agents outside of the EU - General Data Protection Regulation 

Data access rights

Data Subjects have the right to access and the right to rectify the data concerning them by contacting the person designated as being in charge of the processing operation. The right to rectify can only be factual data processed within the selected procedure.

Data Subjects have the right to refuse to give personal and confidential data to the Controller or Processor at any time. The refusal of data can affect the service hired to carry out, and therefore, it is the Data Subject’s own responsibility to know, understand, and acknowledge this and the outcome of the refusal to provide data.

Data Subjects also have the "right to be forgotten" at any time. The right to be forgotten means that all personal data regarding the Data Subject is to be permanently deleted with no history of your data without undue delay under a number of circumstances outlined below and a full version available following the link to article 17, clause 1.

  • When personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose, they are collected or processed.
  • If the data subject withdraws consent to the processing, assuming there is no other legal justification for the processing.
  • If the data subject objects to processing based on legitimate interests, the controller cannot demonstrate any overriding legitimate grounds for the processing.

Even as we recognize the adequacy of data protection laws in the United Kingdom and the United States, we will continue to apply the GDPR principles and safeguards to all personal data we collect and process, irrespective of the data subject's location. This means you can expect the same high level of data protection and privacy rights regardless of location. 

If you have a USA shipment, please review further.

Confidential Treatment of Vessel Manifest Data
While U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) cannot guarantee that the identity of parties to importation and exportation will never be published, CBP strives to afford confidentiality based on the information furnished.

Regarding disclosure of vessel manifest information, “members of the public shall not be permitted to examine vessel manifests. However, they may request and obtain from Customs information from vessel manifests” (19 C.F.R. § 103.31).

Anticipating this type of request, “an importer or consignee may request confidential treatment of its name and address contained in inward manifests … [and] of the name and address of the shipper or shippers to such importer or consignee” (19 C.F.R. § 103.31).

Similarly, shippers may request confidential treatment of the shipper’s name and address contained in an outward manifest.

For more information, see Information on Vessel Manifests and Summary Statistical Reports, 19 C.F.R. § 103.31.

You can read the exact process of how to protect yourself and your personal identifiable information on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website. Specific to your protection, we have provided this link.