International Moving

We make it easy for you

We begin with a pre-move survey visit which allows us to estimate the volume of the belongings.

An experienced move coordinator from our customer service team will work closely to manage your entire move process right from the pre-planning phase until the belongings are safely delivered to the new home.

The Aspire Mobility move coordinator will arrange all the practical aspects of the move, including packing at origin, transportation by sea, air, and road, as well as the delivery, unpacking, and set-up of the furniture in the new home.  

The move coordinator will also help guide through all the documentation requirements and upload them to our secure online system.  

Our online Move Planner site provides a step-by-step introduction to all phases of the move, assisting in planning ahead.

Customs clearance

The move coordinator will guide the preparations for customs clearance at the origin and destination country. We will advise about the rules, regulations, and paperwork necessary for clearance and avoid unnecessary delays.  

Apart from the obvious concerns of what to take, what to leave behind in storage, and what to throw away, there are many other things to consider when moving internationally.