Preview Trip

The most successful relocation experiences originate with a well-prepared assignee. A preview trip can be a great way to begin the journey.

A new assignment is more than just a new job; it can be a new way of living, eating, shopping, socializing, etc. A preview trip allows to set realistic expectations firsthand.

Based on the input and needs, we tailor the trip to match interests with our expertise and guidance.

Inspirations to what can be offered are:

  • Housing types within the budget.
  • Different types of areas and travel times to work.
  • Transportation types to get to work, school, shopping, etc.
  • The various lifestyle options such as living close to parks, local gyms, quiet areas, or lively areas.
  • Information about the destination itself, such as cost of living, standards, etc.
  • Take into consideration different cultural differences.

Once the trip has been completed, a recap of everything discussed and additional information to consider later will be provided.

Preview Briefing

Aspire Mobility offers a preview briefing for those who cannot schedule a day or two or have travel restrictions. The briefing is arranged based on the level of detail needed.

However, this is typically an online meeting going over the same type of topics above in an online meeting format or a simple phone call based on needs and preferences.