School search and children

Relocating with children can be a great experience when well prepared. Aspire Mobility Group guides through the local options specific to the destination to prepare families. We will plan out the program based on the children's needs.

Whether the family requires daycare for younger children or a school for older children, we can assist and guide them through the entire process.

Each destination is different, and we will tailor the school search specifically and outline all of the options allowing them to make the best choice possible. 

Our tailored services can include the following:

  • Information on international or local school options.
  • Discussing and providing information for relevant schools in the targeted areas.
  • Checking for availability and arranging school visits.
  • Accompanied school visits.
  • Following up on waiting lists and availability.
  • Organizing the school registration.

In our experience, options can significantly vary depending on the destination country. For example, in certain destinations, the number of international schools is limited, and students should apply early in the case of waiting lists. 

Aspire Mobility introduces the available options and will accompany the family on the visits and meetings. In addition, we monitor the availabilities and guide through the enrollment and registration requirements.