Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption

Aspire Mobility Group A/S does not accept any involvement in corruption, extortion, bribery, attempted bribery or fraud. This applies whether offering a bribe, or accepting a bribe, or engaging in bribery either directly or through any third party. Aspire Mobility, therefore, undertakes to:

  • Never permit any form of anti-trust or anti-competitive activities, cartelization or abuse of market dominance. We support a fair and balanced marked competition in terms of supply, tendering and procurement in all stages of our work.
  • Never offer or make an improper payment, or authorize an improper payment (cash or otherwise) to any individual, including any local or foreign official anywhere in the world.
  • Never attempt to induce an individual or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly. 
  • Never offer, or accept, money or anything of value, such as gifts, kickbacks or commissions, in connection with the procurement of business or the award of a contract. 
  • Never offer or give any gift or token of hospitality to any public employee or government official or representative if there is any expectation or implication for a return favor.
  • Never accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favor will be expected or implied. 
  • Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service, which one would not normally be entitled to.
  • Never disregard or fail to report any indication of improper payments to the appropriate authorities.
  • Never induce or assist another individual to breaking any applicable law or regulation

Partners and suppliers

Aspire Mobility Group A/S expects partners and suppliers to commit to the same ethical standard and comply with all above minimum requirements set forth in this code of conduct. Partners and agents have to notify Aspire Mobility if any unethical practice is witnessed.

Aspire Mobility Group A/S has joined Dow Jones Risk Assessment and Compliance program, to enhance our compliance monitoring of suppliers and third parties covering our entire supply-chain globally. Risk assessments can be time-consuming, cost-effective and not to mention difficult for an independent company to conduct on a global scale, as it would require subject matter expertise within local, cultural and political knowledge for each supplier location.

Through Dow Jones Due diligence reviews, we have supportive tool to identify potential red flags within legal, regulatory and reputational issues in a new business partner, allowing us to see a fuller picture where from we can assess and determine the risk level of cooperating with a particular vendor. Through Dow Jones Risk Assessment and Compliance program we are better equipped to help mitigate against financial crime and reputational damage.

Read our official commitment here.